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Lets talk about genetics simplified!


The Genetic System has 4 parts:


1. The DNA: This is the main carrier of our genetic information (code), carrying it on a biochemical level, as a double helix structure. The DNA can be divided into genes, which carry the “code” for making proteins, and ‘non-coding’ sections - imagine it being similar to the hardware of a PC.

2. The RNA: A biochemical that act as the main regulatory system for the DNA. Imagine it being similar to the software of the PC. 


3. The Epigenetics: Interface between your DNA and your environment. This interface absorbs environmental information and transmits it the DNA. Examples  - physical environment, diet, emotions, general consciousness, and incarnational consciousness you bring to your new body in this life, The transmission of this information biochemically generates tiny biochemical changes to the outside of the DNA, changing how it expresses. Some epigenetic changes are passed down to the next generation. (your children)


4. Genetic Consciousness: This is the ancestral consciousness that is carried by the DNA, which has a major effect on genetic expression. Over time, your own present and past life consciousness becomes incorporated into this.


As a practitioner I am able to release personal karmic and ancestral imprints from the DNA, as well as to effect changes in the epigenetic level, in addition to working on genetic "kinks", i can also create genetic "enhancements" to your system as well. 


From an evolutionary point of view, humanity will be developing a "new dot chromosome", designed to move humanity towards higher levels of consciousness and I am able to create the energetic blueprint of that in your energy system, the blueprint itself creates change in this direction.

VortexHealing® and energy healing are complementary healing tools. They are not a replacement for medical treatment or counselling and doesn’t intend to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any disease, physical or mental. Any information, instruction or advice given during a session is not a substitute for competent professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care. Please consult your Doctor or physician for medical issues or a qualified counsellor for mental health issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.

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