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VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

VortexHealing® is a holistic healing modality that combines Divine energy healing (pure healing energy) techniques with Divine consciousness (intelligence)  which transforms the roots of the consciousness of separateness. As we are able to know exactly where the roots of the issues are held we are able to go directly there to transform them, this promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 


Vortex Healing  has come to us as a gift of the Divine Presence within the Merlin lineage and the intention of that Divine Presence is to heal, transform and open us to the inner freedom of our true being.The main premise of Vortex Healing is that everything in the universe is made up of energy, and by working with the energetic patterns of the body, mind, and emotions, healing and transformation can occur. Vortex Healing is considered a powerful and effective healing modality, but results may vary depending on the individual's openness and willingness to receive the healing energy.


The philosophy of VortexHealing® is that all of life is One (One Source, One Consciousness, One Divinity), expressing Itself as this amazing experience of creation however, we have lost the awareness of that, our basic experience of life has become one of separation. We experience ourselves as a particular being that is essentially separate from everything else in creation and separate from the Universal Source of creation. This creates all kinds of issues and false identities, which over time (and lives) imprint and condition every level of our human system - our bodies, our minds, our emotions, and even our sense of spirituality.

The web of this conditioning is incredibly, almost unimaginably deep, existing on multi-dimensional levels, and it completely distorts our experience of being human. In addition to creating a myriad of emotional issues, it also creates blockages in our human energy system, which generate weakness and physical disease. Yet we don't need to remain trapped in this web. Life is One, so freedom and wholeness are possible.

The intent of VortexHealing® is to release this conditioning on every level it is found, returning the person to emotional balance and energetic strength, so that health prevails however,  the goal of VortexHealing® is also much larger than this, because deeper healing requires a return to wholeness. And wholeness requires a return to the awareness of what we are, an awakening out of our root experience of separation into the experience of our true being.

VortexHealing® and energy healing are complementary healing tools. They are not a replacement for medical treatment or counselling and doesn’t intend to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any disease, physical or mental. Any information, instruction or advice given during a session is not a substitute for competent professional medical or psychological diagnosis and care. Please consult your Doctor or physician for medical issues or a qualified counsellor for mental health issues in addition to any complementary healing you receive.

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