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Surin sitting in nature
"I loved working with Surin & I could feel the energy through my body. I've seen changes after the energy healing sessions, and I plan continuing to work with her. Thank you, Surin!"



"This was an amazing session! Never having experienced vortex healing before I was unsure of what to expect however, after about 10 minutes I could feel it working. It targeted areas of my body that carry daily physical stress and pain and it was almost like an internal massage of those areas. It promotes a calming sensation similar to many energy healings but, a few days later I seem to be feeling more alert and focused due to the internal healing done. It definitely helped clear some blockages that I never knew I had. My session was done through zoom and even still it was incredible!"

Richard, USA

“Surinder is a wonderful intuitive healer with excellent communication skills. During my treatment I felt a lot of heat in areas of my body that needed healing. After my treatment I felt at peace and had more motivation to complete tasks. Surinder offers a peaceful healing space for clients who I am sure will benefit from her healing gift.”


“I have never experienced this type of ‘Vortex’ healing before. Surin made me feel very welcome and relaxed. You will leave feeling completely stress free & have mental clarity. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Surin if you need to find a way to improve your inner energy & balance.”


“I’ve never had vortex healing before .. I must say this was “an experience” Surin (the healer) is absolutely amazing and truly gifted ..🙌🏽 will be back for more for sure ✨”


“ -You don't know what you don't know- as Socrates said... I tried out Vortex healing for the first time, and it was an unexpectedly impactful experience - I believe it'll be unique for everyone so I highly recommend experiencing it with an open mind - thanks again Surin!!”


“I really enjoyed my healing session with Surin. She has helped with my C-section recovery a lot and I look forward to my next session. Thank you!”



“I had incredible relaxing Reiki session with Surin. Even though this was online it was awesome and I felt refreshed after. Highly recommend it. 🙏🏼”


“What a wonderful experience I had at my first ever Reiki with you the other day. As a 73 year old, I simply had no idea what I was about to experience, but once I was made fully comfortable in the ambience of the serenity of your room and the aroma of your scented sticks and when you had fully explained all to me I became fully relaxed and let myself journey into a very calm relaxed atmosphere. I experienced a heat feeling over my head and stomach feeling a release of pressure. I want to thank you so much for your kindness and expertise.”


“As an individual on the spiritual path I started receiving Reiki from Surinder.  The first treatment in a warm and calming space exceeded my expectations.  I began to learn where I carry my emotions and stress and that I need to work on clearing these blockages.  The most surprising element for me was when Surinder picked up on a physical ailment a month before it came to light medically - she definitely has a gift. In today’s world people like Surinder are a God send and I am so grateful for her and the invaluable work she does.  Thank you 🙏”


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